Professor Helen Skouteris

Project Lead, CRE Director

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Professor Helen Skouteris is a developmental psychologist and expert in health behaviour change and women’s and children’s health, especially in relation to obesity prevention.

Professor Skouteris works in implementation research and evaluation projects focused on improving health and developmental outcomes for women, children and adolescents. Her current research is around building active capacity in ‘the consumer’ to make healthy lifestyle choices across preconception, pregnancy, preschool, and childhood, including adolescence, to reduce the burden of obesity.

Her work has also been focused extensively in community service and educational sector improvement – research that is critical to transforming policy across these sectors and translating to better health outcomes for children, young people, adults and families.

Professor Skouteris is Director of the Centre of Research Excellence in Health in Preconception and Pregnancy (CRE HiPP), one of the CREs that contributes to the Collaboration for Enhanced Research Impact.

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