The power of partnership

Dynamic simulation modelling

Dynamic simulation models are virtual, simplified representations of the real world where actions and reactions of individuals and communities can be explored.

Our dynamic simulation modelling projects provide policy makers with unique ‘what if’ tools to test the likely impact of a range of possible solutions before implementing them.

Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Taking a systems approach to preventive health

Our chronic disease research takes a systems perspective. Systems thinking is a way to make sense of a complex system by exploring its interrelated parts, boundaries and perspectives. Tackling the whole system means we can find ways of creating an environment that supports people to make better health decisions and avoid chronic disease.

The Prevention Centre delivers internationally significant knowledge about the application of a systems-based approach to the prevention of chronic disease.

Louise Freebairn listens to a colleague at a workshop

Collaboration for Enhanced Research Impact (CERI)

This joint initiative between the Prevention Centre and a wide range of NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence aims to enhance the profile and impact of chronic disease prevention in Australia.

CERI provides the opportunity to enhance support for early- to mid-career researchers by sharing resources for capacity building and networking. Presenting a case for change as a unified group of research centres offers the opportunity to add weight to policy or funding recommendations and gives us a strong, united voice to advocate for prevention.

CERI develop shared communication across research projects and participating centres.