Our story

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre is a national collaboration of researchers, policy makers and practitioners who are working together to identify new ways of understanding what works and what doesn’t to prevent lifestyle-related chronic health problems in Australia.

Our priority areas are the main lifestyle-related determinants of chronic disease risk: obesity, diet, tobacco, physical activity and alcohol. However, we are not limited in our scope and will draw on relevant research and practice from any field that can advance thinking, such as knowledge and experience gained in the fields of HIV prevention, motor vehicle accidents and Indigenous health.

The Prevention Centre’s Corporate Brochure

The Prevention Centre aims to provide health decision makers with the best evidence to inform their policies and programs. We want to provide the evidence and tools for a comprehensive systemic approach to preventing chronic health problems, which includes working in the health system as well as in sectors outside of it, such as in schools, food production and retailing, and urban planning.

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