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The following lists all Prevention Centre research projects, current and completed, in chronological order from newest to oldest.

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Embedding and strengthening prevention in the Queensland public health system

This project will help identify opportunities for chronic disease prevention in clinical care across the Queensland public health system.

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Preventing liver cancer

The project plans to expand the scope of an Australian liver cancer predictive model, which our research team is developing, to predict the health outcomes and costs of liver cancer surveillance in cirrhotic patients.

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Harnessing the power of citizen science for prevention

This project will build awareness and capacity in citizen science approaches among policy and practice stakeholders across Australia through hands-on experience and tailored resources.

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Engaging maternity services to address smoking, alcohol consumption and weight gain in pregnancy

Examining the impact of smoking, drinking alcohol, and too much weight gain during pregnancy on the long-term health of mother and child.

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Systems approaches in action

This project aims to gain a clearer picture of how systems approaches are being used to describe and understand complex problems.

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How do we effectively embed health at all levels of political and policy decision-making?

Examining the ways in which state and federal governments can ensure that health is taken into consideration at all levels of political and policy decisions across all sectors.

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Public health law: making it work for the prevention of chronic disease

This project, in collaboration with South Australia’s Department of Health and Wellbeing, will co-design codes of practice and process evaluations to form new policy.

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Increasing the effectiveness of tobacco tax policy and health warnings

This project will provide policy makers with clear specifications for tobacco policy changes that should be pursued to reduce tobacco-related harms.

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