Joanne Greenfield

Director of Health Improvement, ACT Health

June 2015

Please describe your role in one or two sentences: I spend most of my time working with colleagues to form partnerships to achieve

Joanne Greenfield
Joanne Greenfield

our objectives. I work on a wide range of health improvement and promotion areas, including settings-based health promotion platforms, administering a grants program, population health surveillance, cervical cancer screening, the ACT Cancer Registry, population health research, evaluation and public health nutrition.

The best part of my role is … working with great people who have a wide variety of subject matter expertise from a range of disciplines.

The most challenging part is … making the case for prevention in an often reactive and resource-constrained environment.

I’m interested in the work of the Prevention Centre … to build a stronger evidence base for prevention and to work with the Centre’s renowned experts to translate this evidence into policy and actions.

At work I am always learning … that partnerships and communication are often the most important success factor in our work.

Before my current position, my most memorable role was … running maternal and child health services for an international organisation in a northern province of Afghanistan. I learnt the true meaning of health system strengthening.

Most people don’t know that I … have a motorbike licence and spent my youth riding around Europe.

When I’m not working I … enjoy camping with my family anywhere near the ocean.

The person I would most like to meet is … Eleanor Roosevelt, to discuss the ins and outs of the negotiation that led to the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The talent I would most like to have is … to be in two places at once.

My motto is … to keep learning from new experiences – I describe that as ‘living the dream’.

I try to stay healthy by … running around after my children and riding to work (in the warmer months in Canberra!).