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Our new Head of Prevention, Nadia Mastersson, is committed to leading the next generation of the Prevention Centre in 2024 and continuing to grow our national and international reputation.

Nadia is passionate about the value of working in partnerships, including across sectors and jurisdictions, which has been a focus of her career across several areas from childhood obesity prevention to food and physical activity environments.

I am committed to the significant role the Prevention Centre plays in the Australian prevention system, and plan to further cement it as critical infrastructure to provide evidence-based advice to policy and practice partners on prevention.

Nadia Mastersson, Head of Prevention

Nadia says as a policy maker previously associated with the Prevention Centre for the past five years, she saw first-hand how we amplify investment, connect to national research opportunities, provide synthesised evidence on the value of prevention, and help shift nationwide dialogue on the importance of system approaches in prevention.

The Prevention Centre will continue to provide key system-level support for ongoing collaboration, engagement, capability building and innovation in the national prevention landscape through our emerging leaders network, communities of practice, the Collaboration for Enhanced Research Impact (CERI) and the science communication capacity.

In addition to these fundamental approaches to build system leadership for chronic disease prevention, next year will also see us:

  • Release comprehensive knowledge syntheses on health economics, implementation research and dynamic simulation modelling
  • Provide practical support to policy makers and practitioners in using systems science approaches in practice
  • Incubate and drive new knowledge by bringing together policy and research leaders to identify policy-relevant research priorities and future trends
  • Provide partners access to trusted networks, evidence and advice

Our continued commitment to build on the strengths of our partnerships and facilitate critical national-level policy-research dialogues will ensure ongoing impact in prevention for Australia

Nadia Mastersson, Head of Prevention

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