PreventionWorks LIVE

Stories from Australia’s change-makers in public health. Coming soon…


PreventionWorks LIVE is a masterclass series with Australia’s leading innovators on creating a healthier Australia. The series, hosted by The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre, examines how change-makers have achieved real impact for the health and wellbeing of communities.

Prevention is better than cure but preventing poor health and disease is harder than it sounds. So how do we get prevention on the political agenda? How do we get urban planners and governments thinking about liveability? How do we improve our food system? PreventionWorks LIVE sets the conversation and leads the dialogue in the prevention of chronic disease.

Join us to learn how to achieve impact and create change for a healthier Australia.

Save the date

PreventionWorks LIVE kicks off in March 2021 with a monthly program of Australia’s leading change-makers in the prevention of chronic disease. We’ll be announcing full details on this webpage (bookmark!) and in the February–March 2021 issue of The Chronicle as well as sending event invitations in early February.

“Save the Date” for our first three speakers:

Professor Billie Giles-Corti | Creating healthier, liveable cities | Thursday 11 March 2021

Adjunct Professor Tarun Weeramanthri | Policy in action: What links prevention, climate change, and COVID-19? | Thursday 15 April 2021

Professor Amanda Lee | Improving food security in Australia | Thursday 13 May