Director’s update

Last week we held a workshop of Prevention Centre researchers and partners to consider what we had learnt about partnering in research and running a large consortium of researchers with a common interest.

It was highly timely as we had learnt the week before how the NHMRC proposed to assess an application for refunding for a second term. This will involve us circulating to current and potential new funding partners a short prospectus outlining what we have achieved and what we broadly will propose for a second period of funding.

We will then have a short period to negotiate inclusions in the research program before submitting a proposal by the end of September – a tight timeframe!

A key learning from our work to date has been the importance of the nature of the engagement with funding partners – where this has been strong and active has been where we have the most impact.

There were several important issues raised in the workshop relevant to our refunding proposal including how we incorporate the early career researchers we have supported in the new proposal.

We also discussed how a second term of funding for the Prevention Centre would fit with the funding we have received from the Medical Research Future Fund. One consequence of this is that we will have a larger presence in the secondary prevention of chronic disease.

I welcome input from any of our participants or readers into our planning.