Director’s update

Many of us attended the World Congress on Public Health and the Prevention Centre had a big presence in both large and small groups sessions. Thank you all for making your contributions to raise the public profile of the Centre’s work.

The Congress was also a showcase to the world of the exceptional capacities that Australia has in many areas of prevention and public health. One of the aims of the Centre is to network with and draw on expertise relevant to our prevention charter, regardless of whether the individuals and groups are founding members of the Prevention Centre. We can’t and never intended to be experts in every content area relevant to prevention of chronic disease.

We are fortunate that Australia has many groups with rich expertise in prevention and we are progressively building links through shared interests with most of them. The more we can work collectively across Australia, the stronger we will be as a prevention community in influencing policy and practice. The current heterogeneity of interests and experts in different groups is a strength; it allows different approaches and philosophies to enrich prevention practice.

One of the Prevention Centre’s roles is to build a picture of the broader research and practice community and to be able to readily point practitioners and policy makers to centres of expertise or new approaches. I would like us to have a greater capacity to do this as we go forward.