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The Prevention Centre is hosted and administered by the Sax Institute. Dr McNamara has been Deputy CEO since 2018 and will take over in January with the retirement of outgoing CEO Professor Sally Redman AO who has been at the helm for 20 years. Dr McNamara has led the Institute’s Research Assets Division and is Chief Investigator of the 45 and Up Study, one of the largest longitudinal health studies in the world.

His new role will provide opportunities to work more closely with the Prevention Centre and with our large network of researchers, policy makers and practitioners.

I have always been impressed with how the Prevention Centre has led the way in constructing and supporting systems-based approaches to prevention

Dr Martin McNamara

“This year I was also delighted to complete a three-year research project with the Prevention Centre that explored how modifiable risk factors can impact on dementia outcomes. A key part of this project was drawing the power of linked data, including the 45 and Up study. I look forward to sharing the findings of this work with the Prevention Centre’s networks in early 2023.

“For prevention efforts to be successful they need to work at multiple levels and the many Prevention Centre partnerships in the policy, practice and research communities are bringing together the strongest methods and minds to tackle complex problems.

“I am looking forward to working more closely with this amazing prevention community” he said.