Adjunct Professor William Bellew


Headshot of William Bellew

Adjunct Professor Bellew has more than 25 years’ in-depth experience in policy analysis, conceptualisation, planning, implementation and evaluation of public health strategies at national level in Australia, UK, India and in the WHO Western Pacific Region.

He is a key influencer for evidence-informed policy and practice, especially in physical activity promotion and obesity prevention. Has worked at senior level with and within government, the public sector, academia and organisations at local, state, national level in Australia, the UK and internationally.

His appointments include:

  • Co-chair of WHO Strategic Advisory Network for the Development of the Global Action Plan for Physical Activity (Geneva, July 2017)
  • Professorial Fellow/Senior Advisor NCD Policy and Research Prevention Research Collaboration USYD [2017– ]
  • Principal Research Fellow/ Executive Officer of Prevention Research Collaboration (2014–2017)
  • Consultant Technical Advisor (NCDs) – WHO WPRO [2013]
  • Consultant Technical Advisor (NCDs: Tobacco Control) – Bloomberg Philanthropies [2007–2014]
  • Director of Chronic Disease Prevention at NSW Department of Health 1998–2005.