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Chief Investigators honoured for outstanding prevention paper

25 September 2017

Prevention Centre Chief Investigators Professors Penny Hawe and Alan Shiell are among the group of co-authors awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding Prevention Science Research Paper in the past year from the European Society for Prevention Research.

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Focus on the food system not the individual, experts urge

9 August 2017

Focusing on nutrition and the food system and holding governments, sections of the food industry and other organisations to account for their policies should be key prevention strategies in coming years, some of Australia’s leading nutrition experts say.

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Community health and prevention: there's a will but not a way

9 August 2017

Clinical managers in the ACT believe community health services have a responsibility to work with people who are overweight and obese, but the services lack the capacity for the sustained effort required, a Prevention Centre PhD project has found.

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Prevention news wrap

7 August 2017

Your guide to what’s been happening in prevention: the news and views you may have missed in the past few months.

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New online tool to compare liveability of individual addresses

25 July 2017

A Prevention Centre research project is collaborating on a new online tool that identifies how the built environment affects people’s health based on where they live.

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Pro-competition legislation gives alcohol industry the upper hand: study

30 June 2017

Explicit public health objectives should be included in planning and liquor licensing controls to prevent community development from being shaped by interest groups, a new Prevention Centre paper says.

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Dynamic simulation modelling informs alcohol strategy in Tasmania

23 June 2017

The Prevention Centre is building a dynamic simulation model to inform strategies to reduce alcohol-related harms in Tasmania. This will form the basis of Tasmania’s forthcoming new Alcohol Action Framework.

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Increasing spending on prevention is cost-effective: report

16 June 2017

A strong case can be made for increasing spending on the prevention of chronic disease because it is cost effective – even if it means removing funding from other parts of the health system, according to a new report.

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