Dr Anna Chevalier

Research Manager

Dr Anna Chevalier is the Research Manager with the Prevention Centre. She has over 20 years’ experience in transport safety across a range of portfolios, including designing, implementing and evaluating ground‐breaking road user behaviour, safety‐related and innovative technologies, and strategy and policy development programs.

In addition to prevention of unintentional fatalities and injuries, Anna has undertaken projects related to preventing suicide-related crashes, increasing driver licence access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (which improves community and individual health and quality-of-life), reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity, and investigating Vietnam hospital injury and death records.

Anna’s achievements in delivering programs within and for government are underpinned by academic expertise in evidence‐based research. Her strengths include: benchmarking; design, management and evaluation of large-scale innovative technology trials; public opinion surveys, focus groups and interviews; and statistical analysis.

With a PhD in Epidemiology, Anna is an Associate Fellow, Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS), and ACRS NSW Chapter elected member.