Research projects

Prevention Tracker: Learning locally to act nationally

This a proof-of-concept pilot study developed methods for identifying and measuring local prevention systems. We plan to use local knowledge to build a comprehensive picture of an effective prevention system. In short, we hope we can learn locally to act nationally.

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A prevention system: Even more than the sum of its parts

This program of research aims to better understand the current situation in relation to chronic disease prevention in Australia and provide recommendations about who and what is, or should be, involved in efforts to improve the prevention of chronic disease.

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Bringing together the national story of the Healthy Worker Initiatives

This project aimed to further our understanding of the changes in health outcomes, health behaviour and organisational culture that came out of the Healthy Worker Initiatives that were part of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.

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Are healthy diets really more expensive?

This project developed the first nationally standardised tools and protocols to determine the relative price and affordability of healthy and unhealthy (current) diets.

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Learning from complexity: when theory follows practice

Professor Penny Hawe is leading a program of work that is gaining insights into the dynamics of complex interventions in public health.

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Model behaviour: A systems approach to alcohol-related harm

This project developed a system dynamics model of alcohol use to simulate the effectiveness of a variety of approaches to reducing alcohol-related harm. The model addressed binge drinking and high overall (or average) consumption.

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Scaling up interventions: Making sure bigger is better

Using case studies and reviews, this research will identify the components that contribute to successful scaled-up health interventions.

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Understanding barriers to evaluating complex interventions

This project is developing an understanding of the barriers to organisations conducting routine evaluation of complex interventions and develop strategies to overcome these barriers.

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