Dr Seanna Davidson

Seanna is the Prevention Centre’s Manager of Systems Thinking and Capacity Building based at Deakin University.

Seanna joins the Centre from the Systemic Governance Research Program at Monash University, where she co-developed and co-delivered a social innovation lab for systems thinking in university curriculum. She also collaborated with community partners to design and deliver systemic inquiries into the fields of chronic disease prevention and natural resources management. A geographer by training, her work draws across disciplines, to explore patterns and change within social spaces. Previously, Seanna worked with the Water Policy and Governance Group and the Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Her academic research is complemented by professional experience across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and training in facilitation, process design and deep democracy.

Seanna’s key role in the Prevention Centre is to support our researchers and wider network to learn about and apply systems approaches. She is available to help build systems capacity with you and your team through:

  • Workshops and lectures to teach systems
  • Design and facilitation support to bring systems approaches into your own workshops and projects
  • Support to build systems thinking curriculum in your university courses
  • One-on-one coaching as you navigate your complex initiative
  • Design and discussion around systems evaluation approaches to your complex initiative.