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The Chronicle is now a monthly newsletter about the Prevention Centre’s people and projects. It features resources and events related to systems thinking and the prevention of chronic disease.

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Edition 49 | October 2021

New prevention project with QLD Health, lessons from Wellbeing SA on legislative approaches to public health, NHMRC grant success, falls prevention advice and more...

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Edition 48 | September 2021

AUSPOPS national survey finds community support for government interventions on health: CERI expands with more CREs; EPOCH successes on preventing obesity in childhood and more...

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Edition 47 | August 2021

Preventing liver cancer: tackling alcohol and obesity, physical activity in schools, Primary Health Networks as primary research sites and more...

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Edition 46 | July 2021

Climate change and health: the synergies of addressing chronic disease and climate change, seed grant funding, the Food Dashboard launch success story and more...

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Edition 45 | June 2021

Food security: flavour of the month, junk food advertising, Australia's first framework for preventing and managing chronic health in PHNs, PHHA conference wrap and more ...

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Edition 44 | May 2021

Latest news on Australia in 2030, A bold and progressive path to better health launch, Australia's first food planning tool for urban and regional Aboriginal communities, PHAA president's tips for driving policy action and more...

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Edition 43 | April 2021

Latest news on a rapid evidence review that supports the case for prevention, 10 lessons from Australia's COVID-19 response, working across sectors to achieve impact in public health, and more....

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Edition 42 | February - March 2021

Latest news on obesity stigma in the lead-up to World Obesity Day, parkrun as a prescription for better health, #PreventionWorksLIVE, and more.

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