World Non-Communicable Diseases Congress 2023

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Event Series External event

Location In-person

The third World Non-Communicable Diseases Congress (WNCD 2023) in will gather international experts in Toronto, Canada, to advance knowledge and expertise on non-communicable diseases, assess their impact globally and develop public health measures and recommendations to mitigate and contain them.

The Congress will cover major NCDs and their risk factors, through the lenses of traditional health sciences including basic research, clinical, epidemiology, physiology, neurosciences, public health, social and behavioral sciences as well as policy, health promotion and use of modern application tools.

Sub-themes will include:

  1. Reducing inequalities in the prevalence, risk factors and conditions, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation or management of NCDs across socio-economic status, cultures, races, geographic regions, genders, sexual identities, abilities and special needs. 
  2. Identifying and responding to the impact of climate change and environmental degradation, human migration and displacement on NCD risk, prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, management rehabilitation, governance or health care system organization. 
  3. Understanding the determinants, or efforts to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat or manage NCDs that may change across the human lifespan
  4. Identifying and implementing multi-morbidity, multi-disciplinary and/or cross geographic solutions by working and sharing methods, data, technologies, knowledge, perspectives, practices and policies. 
  5. New research, perspectives, theories, policies, technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language (AI/ML), Big Data, and telemedicine) , or practices which may enhance our ability to better address the etiology/determinants, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and/or management of NCDs.
  6. Improving governance, health system organization, multi-lateral collaboration and knowledge exchange to reduce the global, regional, national or local impact of NCDs.