Population Health Congress 2022

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Event Series External event

Location OnlineIn-person

The Population Health Congress brings together Australia and New Zealand’s four leading professional population health organisations: Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA); Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA); Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA); and the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM).

Held every 3-4 years, the Congress attracts attendees from a range of population health backgrounds. The Congress provides an unparalleled opportunity for members of these organisations and others contributing to or concerned about key population health issues to meet and network across and within organisations in a spirit of collegiality and a focus on impact.

Congress Theme

The 2022 Congress theme is: Towards a just, safe and sustainable future for Australasia.

Now more than ever before: Striving for justice, safety and sustainability.

The Population Health Congress 2022 is more important in this moment than it has ever been. As practitioners and researchers, we are working in unprecedented times. We need to find safe, just, and sustainable solutions to local, regional, and global challenges.

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is requiring us to be agile and adaptable because we are dealing with a new and dangerous virus that has taken the lives of millions. Regionally, Pacific Island and Torres Strait Islander communities are calling on governments to commit to genuine solutions to address climate change. Australia has already experienced devastating consequences of climate change, including unprecedented bushfires and prolonged drought. When it comes to Indigenous peoples, they remain the sickest, die much younger and continue to experience unjust social inequalities.

These are some of the “wicked problems” that the Population Health Congress 2022 aims to tackle, as we talk about the global challenges of justice, safety and sustainability. Throughout the Congress we ask our community to reflect on our contributions to these humanitarian, environmental and socioeconomic issues and their health consequences. How do we strive for justice, safety and sustainability in such uncertain times, now more than ever?