Making Health for All Policies

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Health for All Policies can make a powerful contribution to sustainable development. This is achieved by targeted investment in health and health systems, which not only improves population heath but can also produce co-benefits for other sectors. Investment in health and health systems helps other sectors achieve their specific goals.

Health for All Policies does not ask other sectors what they can do for health, rather what health can do to help other sectors. The potential for cooperation is long ranging from greening healthcare, financial protection against poverty, the promotion of gender equality, or investment in health systems for economic growth.

Emphasizing the co-benefit of Health for All Policies makes intersectoral action more appealing to policy-makers.

Note: This webinar commences at 12pm CET which is 10pm AEDT.


Keynote speaker

Luigi Siciliani, University of York, York, UK

Spotlight speakers

  • Michelle Falkenbach, European Observatory on Health systems and Policies, Brussels, Belgium
  • Andrea E. Schmidt, Austrian Public Health Institute, Vienna, Austria
  • Ellen Kuhlmann, Medical School Hannover, Hannover, Germany


Matthias Wismar & Erica Richardson (European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies)