Extinction thwarted? The nexus between climate change, social equity and health

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Location In-person

Hear from government, non-government and academic experts on the political, economic, and social dimensions of planetary health equity. Explore the role of different economic models, power in policy systems, and opportunities offered by optimising climate change mitigation policies for social and health goals.

The aim of the day is not to simply describe the problem but to identify the conditions that can enable the transformation of the system towards the promotion of the equitable enjoyment of good health for all within the context of a stable, sustainable ecosystem, and shift governance practices toward a more effective modern paradigm. The symposium will inlcude four consecutive sessions: Setting the Scene; Follow the Money; Advancing Progressive Policy, and Thwarting Extinction: Making it Happen.

Speakers include:

Hon Ged Kearney MP, Brad Archer, Paul Barclay, Chee Yoke Ling, Dr Sandro Demaio, Ian Dunlop, Naomi Hogan, Dr Sophie Lewis, Francis Nona, Nicola Roxon, Roland Sapsford, Rosemary Smith, Dr Katherine Trebeck, Melinda Turner, Prof Brian Schmidt AC, Megan Arthur, Prof Hilary Bambrick, Prof Fran Baum, Dr Jennifer Clapp, Dr Nick Frank, Prof Sharon Friel, Prof Frank Jotzo, Dr Veronica Matthews, Prof Helen Sullivan, Prof David Schlosberg.