Evidence and Implementation Summit 2023

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Event Series External event

Location Online

The summit will share the latest advances, case studies and results across the full spectrum of evidence synthesis and translation, evaluation and implementation science. It will bring together policymakers, researchers, implementation scientists, program evaluators, practitioners, academics and organisation leaders, to examine the synthesis, generation, translation, and implementation of evidence into policy and practice.

The theme for 2023 is Implementing evidence for real world impact: How far have we come and where are we going?

Implementation leaders and learners are invited to debate how we can best apply high-quality evidence to create more effective policy and programs, with the power to improve outcomes for individuals and families.

Sub themes will include:

  • Some are more equal than others: Addressing inequalities through evidence and implementation
  • Context counts: Translation, adaption,  and transportability of evidence across people, place, culture and systems
  • What works and how to do it: Evaluating implementation and impact 
  • Zero to 100: Sustainment and scaling 
  • Implementation and de-implementation strategies