Prevention factsheets

In this section of our website, we feature factsheets about key issues in the prevention of chronic diseases. The factsheets are aimed at distilling and summarising evidence in a concise way. We hope they will be useful to anyone who needs short, sharp and evidence-based information supporting action and investment in prevention.

Standing up for ... strict limits on junk food marketing to children in our local communities

8 July 2016: This factsheet sets out key arguments for limiting the promotion of junk food to children in community settings.

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Claims and evidence ... food marketing to children

8 July 2016: This factsheet examines claims and evidence concerning key issues in marketing food to children.

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Standing up for ... 'nanny state' changes that save lives

12 July 2016: Laws to improve public health have long been criticised as the 'nanny state' but often the public accepts the changes because they save lives.

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