Prevention Works is a series of conversations with some of our nation’s top public health researchers. Join host Gretchen Miller as she brings together policy makers and researchers to discuss how the Prevention Centre is finding new ways of addressing Australia’s greatest health challenge: lifestyle-related chronic disease.

Why prevention policy is better than cure

ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Paul Kelly discusses the realities of making the case for prevention in this wide-ranging discussion on issues from obesity to pill testing to the nanny state.

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How can we use the law to help improve our health?

Public health law is often thought of as being 'nanny state'. However, laws have given us many policies we take for granted today, such as seat belt use and gun control. So how effective is the law in improving people's health?

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Tackling how to get Australians moving each and every day

Australia is a nation of beautiful beaches and parks, temperate weather and safe streets. And yet, Finnish people are more active in the depths of their cold, dark winter than we are. Why are we so inactive?

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The power of planning to improve health in entire communities

With Australia's population set to double by 2050, understanding the public health implications of urban planning is now more important than ever.

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Improving access to healthy food in urban Aboriginal communities

One-fifth of Aboriginal people living in urban areas are food insecure, meaning they don't always know where the next meal is coming from. What are the reasons behind this and how can we improve access?

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How do we make the easiest food choice the healthiest?

Poor diet is the number one preventable cause of ill health globally. So what can researchers and policy makers do to make the easiest food choice the healthiest?

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