Systems Thinking Resources – websites

Our top five websites:

  • Donella Meadows Institute focuses on sustainability of economic, social and environmental systems, using the disciplines of systems thinking, system dynamics, and collaborative learning. This website offers systems thinking resources including information on: thinking in systems, leverage points, dancing with systems and a systems thinking resource list.

  • Waters Foundation based in the USA is focused on promoting the use of systems thinking concepts, habits, and tools in K-12 schools. Their website has many resources including a page explaining 13 habits of a systems thinker, a free on-line systems thinking WebED course lesson plans and ideas for teachers to develop system thinking skills in their students.

  • Linda Booth Sweeney’s is an educator and author. Her website provides easy to read information and resources that help communicate complex systems concepts. It features a list of books and other resources about systems thinking, including Linda’s blog on system issues.
  • Systems Thinking World is a free eLearning environment that aims to show how the application of systems principles can improve the likelihood of solving problems. Each learning thread consists of a series of modules created using YouTube videos and Insight Maker and Kumu relationship models, each with explanatory narrative.

  • Bob Williams’s website offers information on systems concepts, tools and frameworks. In the resources section there is a free partial preview of his new book: Wicked Solutions: A Systems Approach to Complex Problems.


Leverage Networks (private online company) is a hub for all things systems. It is a great repository offering a broad range of resources from including tools, articles, books, events, case examples and people. The website offers a range of free knowledge resources to give an overview of different systemic approaches and tools. (includes good overview articles about systems thinking and how it is applied).