Policies and guidelines

The Prevention Centre has developed a suite of policies and guidelines to ensure we are consistently and professionally represented and to acknowledge our funding partners.

More comprehensive information about each of these policies or guidelines along with our logos and corporate templates can be found below. If you have any questions or specific requests, contact the Communications Manager here.

Publishing policy

The Prevention Centre’s funding partners must be acknowledged in all communications. Where practical and appropriate, this acknowledgement will include publishing the logos of each of our funding partners.­­ Journal articles also require a specific acknowledgement as do literature reviews, policy briefs, short reports, evidence summaries and other Prevention Centre research outputs.

Brand guidelines

To ensure the Prevention Centre branding (corporate colours, fonts and logo) is presented correctly and consistently across a wide variety of applications, we ask that you:

Logo use

There are many different types of logo formats, depending on how (printed or digital) and where (low-resolution or high-resolution) the logo will be used. Selecting the version that is most appropriate for your final product will enhance the final result. If you require a logo with unique specifications, contact us at: preventioncentre@saxinstitute.org.au

Please email the Communications team proofs of any pages or materials using the Prevention Centre logo for approval before publication or circulation with a brief description of what you’re using the logo for. Please allow at least two days’ notice for logo approval.

Corporate templates

The Communications team also provides a variety of branded PowerPoint slides for presenting your research, as well as Word templates to help with branding and formatting your final project reports.

Editorial style

The Prevention Centre follows Australian Government Style. Contact the Communications team with any style queries or for a summary of editorial style specific to the Prevention Centre.

Communications at the Prevention Centre

Our approach to communications at the Prevention Centre is well regarded by researchers, policy partners, and practitioners. Our methods and tactics are covered in the following factsheet:

For any other questions around branding, logo application, funder acknowledgement, publication and style, contact our Communications team, preventioncentre@saxinstitute.org.au