Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore

Research Fellow

Dr Xenia Dolja-Gore has been a biostatistician in health related research areas for over 20 years. She is a Research Fellow in Public Health Research (methods in preventive health research) at The University of Newcastle and a project biostatistician for the Analysis for Policy Program at the Sax Institute.

Xenia’s work primarily involves the development and implementation of analytical techniques to explore and analyse linked longitudinal health data for disease prevention and health protection research. Her work involves examining health service utilisation with the application of causal modelling on large scale health based data sets to understand the analytic approaches required where data limitations exist, and in the development of use of linkage techniques to analyse data not only longitudinally but over multiple platforms.

Her work includes the application of statistical techniques to evaluate the Australian Government’s Medicare health care initiatives, health service use to people aged 85 years and over as well as end-of-life care, the evaluation of the relationship between target-medicine exposure and outcomes of interest and several studies involving health service utilisation and equity of access.  Project outcomes have been beneficial in providing important information to state and national government policy makers and stakeholders on estimated associations between health service use between different populations of the community based on specific chronic conditions.