Dr Ray Maher


Headshot of Dr Ray Maher

Ray Maher is Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Futures at The University of Queensland where he leads research and capacity-building projects with government and industry to address ‘wicked’ problems using systems, design and futures thinking.

Ray has led interdisciplinary research projects with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, among others. Each project applied systems approaches to synthesise knowledge from diverse experts and stakeholders and develop high-impact solutions. Ray’s research has supported decision-makers at state, national and regional levels through strategic planning, industry plans, design guidelines and program design.

Ray’s PhD, presented at Resilience 2017 in Stockholm, developed a decision-support tool called MetaMAP, which helps policy practitioners and researchers to understand complex systems, identify leverage points and design well-integrated solutions.