Dr Natasha Schranz

Headshot of Dr Natasha Schranz

Dr Natasha Schranz is the Principal Physical Activity Officer for Wellbeing SA, within the state health portfolio and has been leading their physical activity agenda. This has broadly included co-leading the development of an across-government state-wide walking strategy, development of a state-wide physical activity communications campaign and establishing an ongoing partnership with 10,000 Steps for implementation of the program across SA.

After completing her PhD in 2012, Dr Natasha Schranz co-founded and led the national Active Healthy Kids Australia (AHKA) collaboration for five years. In this early-career research role Natasha advocated across sectors for increased investment at all levels to support children’s participation in physical activity. Natasha was also a member of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance Executive Committee as the Oceania representative during this time. She then moved on to work at the Heart Foundation where she worked closely with the cardiovascular research community in SA and developed a community-based pilot program to increase the awareness of the risk factors for heart disease in regional communities.