Associate Professor Eleonora Feletto

Lead Investigator

Headshot of Dr Eleonora Feletto

Associate Professor Eleonora Feletto leads the Gastrointestinal Cancers Policy and Evaluation stream of research at the Daffodil Centre. Her research interests include the areas of cancer control, environmental risk factors of cancer, the implementation of health services in practice and the use of alternative channels to build a sustainable health care system.

Associate Professor Feletto’s current work focuses on prevention and early detection of colorectal and liver cancer in Australia and overseas. She is the academic co-ordinator of a major $3.6M Cancer Patient Population Projections (‘Cancer-PPP’) project awarded by the Medical Research Future Fund to project the number of patients likely to require treatment at different stages over the next five years for cancers of the breast, lung, colorectum, multiple myeloma, melanoma, and MSI-H and NTRK pan-tumour biomarkers gene fusion. Eleonora is Project Lead for the Preventing liver cancer: obesity and alcohol consumption project.