Dr Briony Hill

Senior Research Fellow

Briony Hill is an ARC DECRA Fellow and Deputy Head at the Health and Social Care Unit, School of Public Health and Prevention Medicine, Monash University, with qualifications in exercise and sport science and health psychology.

Briony’s research interests centre on weight stigma before (preconception), during (antenatal) and after pregnancy (postpartum). Briony also has a strong interest in health behaviour change and psychosocial wellbeing (including depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms, body image, and coping skills) and understanding the mechanisms that lead to the attainment of healthy diet and physical activity practices for women during their reproductive years. She also applies an Ecological Systems Theory lens to her research to recognise the broader impacts on health processes that extend through the community, society and government. 

Briony is a member of the Collaboration for Enhanced Research Impact (CERI) Coordinating Group.

Dr Briony Hill's publications