Valuing Prevention Capacity

The Valuing Prevention Capacity is developing more effective messaging about the role and benefits of the prevention of chronic disease. It is aiming to develop a more sophisticated public dialogue on prevention science and public policy.

The main aim of the Capacity is to develop more effective messaging about the role and benefits of the prevention of chronic disease.

If Australia is to have an effective prevention system, the public needs to understand the importance of prevention of chronic disease and public demand needs to drive investment in prevention. Much can be done to build community and political understanding of the value of prevention. The potential of (a better resourced) prevention system to reduce the burden of chronic disease and improve health equity is not understood nor top of mind at the community or political level.



Capacity Lead

Capacity team

We acknowledge the invaluable input into this project of our colleague, mentor, and above-all friend, Associate Professor Sonia Wutzke (1970–2017). The public health community is richer for having had you as one of its most passionate advocates.

Communicating prevention: Approaches to framing and story telling

This project is about enabling a more sophisticated and carefully crafted campaign to increase public understanding of prevention. The project will identify the best approaches to framing and story telling needed to effectively communicate messages about prevention.

This project will:

  • Identify the most appealing ways to metrics and frames needed for prevention
  • Build evidence and stories that can be used to support these frames
  • Test the appeal of these frames and messages with target audiences
  • Insert these messages into the Prevention Centre’s own work, those of our partner agencies, and more broadly across the community.