Standing Capacities

The Prevention Centre has established four specialist Standing Capacities to improve the gathering, sharing and use of research evidence to build a prevention system in Australia.

The Capacities function as resources across the Prevention Centre, playing a lead role in sharing learning, building capability and promoting collaboration with and between projects.


Valuing Prevention Capacity

The Valuing Prevention Capacity is playing a lead role in developing a more sophisticated public dialogue on prevention science and public policy.

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Synthesis Capacity

The Synthesis Capacity aims to synthesise and make readily available what is known about the prevention of lifestyle-related conditions to support evidence-informed policy and practice. The main focus is on dynamic simulation modelling, which brings together diverse evidence sources and uses a participatory approach to develop advanced computer models that can forecast the impact of various policy interventions.

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Systems Science and Implementation Capacity

The Systems Science and Implementation Capacity (SSIC) brings a systems focus to the Prevention Centre’s work. Its key roles are to explore practitioner understanding of the dynamics of change processes and the lessons that might apply across different contexts, and to strengthen the design of interventions before and during implementation.

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Rapid Response Evaluation Capacity

The Rapid Response Evaluation Capacity (RREC) is identifying opportunities to embed research and evaluation in the rollout of policies and programs by the Prevention Centre's funders and other agencies.

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