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The following lists all Prevention Centre research projects, current and completed, in chronological order from newest to oldest.

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Compelling case project – Phase 2

This project will build on the national system dynamics model (developed in phase 1) to show how the model can be updated as new data becomes available, making it a long-term decision support asset for best buys in chronic disease prevention and burden reduction.

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Implementation and scale up

This project will work with our policy and practitioner partners in five jurisdictions across Australia to develop and test tools to help them assess the feasibility and barriers for scale up. We will then apply these tools across several real-world projects.

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Valuing healthy liveable cities – Phase 2

Despite an increase in research on the built environment and health, much of it is never translated into policy. This project will use evidence-based indicators, large-scale individual-level activity models and an economic evaluation framework to build a ‘virtual laboratory’ to identify and test prevention strategies.

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How to fund prevention delivery

This project is researching what happens when a program is implemented, and combining this with economic valuation methods to see if it is possible to put a value on the efforts and processes that go on behind the scenes during implementation.

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Supporting priority actions in the food and nutrition system

We are working to understand how to better influence nutrition policy and ensure governments implement effective actions to create healthier food environments and support healthy eating.

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What proportion of dementia is preventable in the Australian population?

This project will examine the proportion of dementia cases that can be prevented by modifying risk factors such as poor diet, inactivity, smoking and harmful alcohol use.

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Using health promotion to reduce the burden of obesity before and in pregnancy

This project aims to create, capture and deliver health promotion, lifestyle improvement and obesity prevention strategically targeting women during pre-conception and pregnancy, to improve the health of women and the next generation.

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Tackling childhood obesity with big data and dynamic simulation modelling

This project is using dynamic simulation modelling to tackle child and adolescent overweight and obesity and unsustainable healthcare expenditure in Australia.

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