Research projects

Addressing chronic disease risk factors in people with mental illness

In this project, consumers, care providers and senior executives will co-design a model for community managed organisations to use in the support of people with a mental illness.

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Enhancing prevention in primary health care – Phase 1

This project is exploring how PHNs can improve preventive health practices in primary health care services, with a focus on how PHNs work in prevention and how it can be enhanced.

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Enriching community capacity for better health

This project seeks to develop more effective population health interventions by understanding how to harness communities’ existing capacity for change and how to generate new capacity to adapt to ongoing challenges.

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Developing the tools to map and measure urban liveability across Australia – Phase 1

This project is developing a national database of indicators for the liveability domains of walkability, transport, public open space, food environment, alcohol environment, housing affordability and employment.

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Perceptions of prevention: what does the Australian community think?

This national population survey is quantifying community attitudes and values towards government intervention for the prevention of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

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Building a compelling case for prevention – Phase 1

This project has gathered evidence on the big picture about prevention to help deliver a ‘what if’ tool that will allow decision makers to explore the likely impacts of different interventions to prevent chronic disease.

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Improving food security in Aboriginal communities

This project seeks to better understand the factors behind the serious issue of food insecurity in Aboriginal communities, and to identify potential solutions in two non-remote communities that are participating in the Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health.

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Assessing costs and benefits of whole-of-government prevention

This project aims to enhance whole-of-government decision making on prevention interventions through developing a framework to determine value for money of prevention activities across sectors.

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