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Since we were established in 2013, we have provided a focus for chronic disease prevention research in Australia. We concentrate on working in partnership, with the aim of translating our evidence into practice. To find a research project by topic area, browse our Research Themes

In 2018, we were refunded until 2023. Our Funding Partners are NHMRC, Australian Government Department of Health, ACT Health, Cancer Council Australia, NSW Ministry of Health, South Australian Department for Health and Wellbeing, Tasmanian Department of Health, and VicHealth. 

For more detailed information about the current projects that fall under this funding arrangement, click on the links below:

Dynamic simulation modelling to support investment decisions across the common risk factors for lifestyle-related chronic disease

Methods and metrics for moving from best practice prevention to implementation and scale up

Benchmarking, monitoring, modelling and valuing the healthy liveable city

Resources and funding models for successful implementation and scale-up of preventive programs

Addressing complexity in prevention research using systems approaches: systems case studies

Institutionalising a whole-of-government approach to chronic disease prevention

Engaging the public in the wider conversation about prevention in Australia

Developing codes of practice as a means of activating new non-communicable disease (NCD)-prevention provisions embedded within the South Australian Public Health Act 2011

Identifying and assessing options for reducing tobacco-related harms for high prevalence smoking groups

Improving connection and engagement by maternity services in the prevention and better control of risk factors for chronic disease, including smoking, alcohol consumption and unhealthy weight gain in pregnancy

A systems approach for enabling community driven change to improve health and wellbeing (PhD)

Development and evaluation of a data collection method, and resultant policy recommendations, in relation to the price and affordability of healthy (recommended) and current (unhealthy) diets in low socioeconomic groups in Australia (PhD)

In 2017, the Australian Government, through the Department of Health, provided us with $10 million for 10 specific research projects under the Boosting Prevention program, which is funded from the Medical Research Future Fund. Download a list of our projects funded by the Australian Government, through the Department of Health’s Medical Research Future Fund here (PDF 275KB).

For more detailed information about each MRFF-funded project, click on the links below:

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If you're interested in any of the Prevention Centre's research projects, or would like more information about any aspect of our work, please email us at preventioncentre@saxinstitute.org.au or call us on (02) 9188 9576.

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