The Prevention Centre is a collaboration of investigators, partners, research fellows and staff. Here we meet just a few of our staff and collaborators, learning about their work and life outside of work.

If you would like to suggest a colleague to be profiled, please email the Communications Manager, Helen Signy.

Martin McNamara

Dr McNamara is head of Research Assets at the Sax Institute, and is using the 45 and up study cohort to understand how best to prevent dementia.

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Helen Skouteris

Developmental psychologist Professor Helen Skouteris has first-hand experience of excessive weight gain in pregnancy. Now she's trying to combat maternal and childhood obesity with a systems approach.

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Samantha Rowbotham

Samantha Rowbotham is involved in an exciting program of work which is exploring how to engage the public in chronic disease prevention.

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Shane Kavanagh

Shane Kavanagh is leading our new project looking at communities’ capacity to adapt and change when community health interventions are implemented.

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Karen Lee

Evaluation Fellow Karen Lee is undertaking the important work of evaluating the Prevention Centre

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Luke Wolfenden

Luke Wolfenden is drawn to the work of the Prevention Centre because of the focus on systems science.

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Diane Finegood

Professor Finegood is constantly thinking about how to help people embrace rather than retreat from complex problems.

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Ainsley Burgess

As Senior Publishing Officer, our newest team member Ainsley Burgess is producing a suite of resources that communicates the findings of our research projects for key audiences.

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