Kathryn Placencia

Kathryn Placencia

Project Officer

June 2017

Please describe your role: As Project Officer for the Coordinating Centre I am the organiser as well as the manager of process and procedures and the juggler of all the little details.

The most challenging part is … my manager’s emails!

I’m interested in the work of the Prevention Centre because … I enjoy working in areas that help society, now and for the future.

I am always learning that … ‘some things are easier than they seem’.

Before my current position, my most memorable role was … working at the Sax Institute, of course!

When I’m not working, I enjoy … watching ABC Iview, & SBS on demand and generally relaxing.

Most people don’t know that I … am learning to play badminton.

The person I would most like to have a dinner party with is … Dame Quentin Bryce.

The talent I would most like to have is … in the creative arts, I would love to be expert in painting and illustration.

My motto is … stop talking and just do it.

I would most like to live… in Sydney – I love cities.

I try to stay healthy by … walking, boxing and playing badminton.