Professor Alan Shiell

Professor Shiell is Professor of Health Economics in the School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe University. Prior to taking up this position he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science, and before that he was Professor of Public Health Economics at the University of Calgary where he held a CIHR Chair in Applied Public Health. At La Trobe University he is responsible for building health economic capacity in the School while pursuing research into the economics of complex interventions and systems change.

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Preventive health: How much does Australia spend and is it enough?

This report by Hannah Jackson and Alan Shiell summarises the available evidence for national levels of expenditure on preventive
health over the past 15 years, and compares spending in Australia with that of selected OECD countries.

Health Promotion Journal of Australia, special issue. How would you spend $100 million a year on preventive health?

To gain a sense of where prevention resources could be targeted most effectively, we funded and commissioned this special issue of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia, asking Australian and international leaders in preventive health what would happen if prevention spending were to be increased by 5% of the current annual budget, or about $100 million per year.

Chief Executive Officer
Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science

July 2014

Dr Alan Shiell

Describe your role in one or two sentences: I’m the CEO of the Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science (CEIPS), I’m also on the Leadership Executive of the Prevention Centre.

The best part of my role is … playing with and learning from some of the brightest people in research and practice, whose ingenuity in the face of complex health issues continues to astound me.

The most challenging part is … saying “I’m the CEO of the Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science” without taking a breath when I’m asked to introduce myself in those round table discussions that public health loves so much.

I’m interested in the work of the Prevention Centre because … of the opportunity to test locally developed ideas on a national stage.

At work I am always learning that … systems bite back. Just when you think you have them pinned down, they nip you again and again.

Most people don’t know that I … was the undisputed sack race champion at Barley Lane Junior School in London, winning my age group four years running (well actually four years jumping).

When I’m not working, I enjoy … drinking someone else’s champagne or going to the footy, or best of all drinking someone else’s champagne at the footy.

I would tell my 16-year-old self … not to listen to old men like me.

The person I would most like to meet is … John Stuart Mill, because any person who gets arrested at age seven for handing out condoms to street workers to protect them from sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy sounds pretty cool to me.

The talent I would most like to have is … an extensive vocabulary.

My motto is … in a perfect world we’d all sing in tune, but this is reality.

I try to stay healthy by … playing the ukulele badly.