Adjunct Associate Professor Louise Freebairn

Adjunct Associate Professor Louise Freebairn received a scholarship through the Prevention Centre to undertake a PhD at the University of Notre Dame. Her research topic was investigating the effectiveness of system modelling methods to optimise the use of evidence to influence policy and program decision-making using gestational diabetes as a case study in the ACT. Adjunct Associate Professor Freebairn is currently managing a Prevention Centre research project that is using big data and dynamic simulation modelling to tackle child and adolescent overweight and obesity in Australia.

Adjunct Associate Professor Freebairn is Director, Epidemiology Section, ACT Health and also a member of the Prevention Centre’s Leadership Executive. She has held a ministerial appointment to the ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee since 2012 and was a member of the ACT Health Human Research Ethics Social Research Sub-committee from 2013 to 2015. Her research interests include building capacity to co-produce knowledge and using evidence to guide policy decision making. She has worked with health services in the ACT and NSW since 1997 in a number of roles including clinical psychology, health services planning and epidemiology.

She is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.