Successful seed funding grants announced



TYPE Prevention Centre News

Our seed funding supports early to mid-career chronic disease prevention researchers, practitioners and policy makers to pursue prevention research and other research translation or capability development activities that would otherwise go unfunded. The grant program will help the next generation of leaders to improve policy and practice and systems-based approaches for the prevention of chronic disease.

Congratulations to the five projects receiving up to $15,000 for research development to build on or expand an existing Prevention Centre project:

  • Afshin Jafari – Modelling the Cycling Adoption Curve: Creating evidence to inform an agent-based model of cycling adoption in Melbourne
  • Joachim Worthington – Assessing the benefits of risk assessment for patients with metabolic-associated fatty liver disease
  • Meron Lewis – Adapting the Healthy Diets Australian Standardised Affordability and Pricing (ASAP) protocol to better support assessment of diet costs and affordability for low socio-economic groups
  • Oriana Ruffini – Supporting the implementation of the Local Food Environment Policy Index (Food-EPI) across ten local governments in Victoria
  • Briony Hill – Weight stigma in antenatal care: Leveraging consumer expertise to improve healthcare professional knowledge, attitudes and behaviours – a pilot feasibility evaluation

We also congratulate the following people who have received grants of up to $3,000 for capability building and knowledge translation:

  • Adam Shoesmith
  • Adelle Mansour
  • Ama Ampofo
  • Carmen Lim
  • Courtney Barnes
  • Davina Mann
  • Gary Chan
  • Jennifer Lacy-Nichols
  • Joshua Trigg
  • Katherine Cullerton
  • Matthew Mclaughlin
  • Maureen Makama
  • Melanie Crane
  • Michelle Morgan
  • Mingling Chen
  • Tari Forrester-Bowling
  • Tracy Nau
  • Yvonne Laird