Message from the Co-Directors 2021



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One of the most rewarding things about the Prevention Centre is how our funding, structure, governance and programs offer the opportunity to prioritise collaboration over competition.

Too many areas of life expose us to systems that encourage competition; be that for grants, brand recognition or public engagement. Yet the most fundamental principles of public health are cooperation, mutual empowerment and the public good.

The Prevention Centre was established 2013 to grow these capacities for Australia’s prevention system; enabling jurisdictions, health departments, non-government agencies and universities to work in partnership towards shared goals in chronic disease prevention.

Our pooled funds are directed to inform the shared policy priorities of the funding partners, support innovative applied research, translation and implementation, and promote and enhance the field of prevention. While our coordinating team supports the action; the Prevention Centre exists only by virtue of its partners, investigators and the prevention community who engage and collaborate in the shared mission. 

Currently there are about 600 collaborators across the Centre’s researcher, policy and practice networks, and the Emerging Leaders Network comprises 230 members. In addition, the Collaboration for Enhanced Research Impact (CERI) now includes seven prevention-focused Centres of Research Excellence – with others expressing interest to join in 2022.

An important and valuable contributions that we can all make is to articulate far and wide a united front on the evidence-based case for more, and better, investments in chronic disease prevention. And to highlight the many health, economic, social and environmental co-benefits that arise as part of the prevention agenda. 

We welcome the recent launch of the National Preventive Health Strategy and look towards this as a catalyst for greater investment in the implementation of its articulated prevention mission.

Thank you to all of the Prevention Centre investigators, colleagues and partners, and happy festive season to all.

Lucie, Andrew and the coordinating team.