Prevention Centre news

Putting chronic pain on the map: PHNs meet to discuss prevention and management

6 February 2019

Representatives from Australia’s Primary Health Networks (PHNs) will come together in Sydney next month to discuss opportunities for improving the prevention and management of chronic pain in primary care.

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Four projects take the Prevention Centre into its new phase

4 December 2018

The Prevention Centre has launched the first four projects in its second phase of funding. The projects build on the foundations of the Prevention Centre’s first five years, with the aim of promoting sustained action to prevent chronic disease.

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Learning from communities in Tasmania: the Anticipatory Care project

3 December 2018

The Prevention Centre is working with the Tasmanian Department of Health to reduce chronic disease in Tasmania by identifying those at risk of poor health and engaging with them to prevent or slow their deterioration.

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Engaging citizens in monitoring workplace support for breastfeeding

24 October 2018

This innovative project is using citizen science to document workplace facilities for breastfeeding women.

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Aboriginal communities find simple solutions to food insecurity

28 September 2018

A Prevention Centre project has identified a number of simple ways to reduce food insecurity in urban Aboriginal communities – the first study in Australia to capture local community voices in finding solutions to the problem.

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Can the NSW Premier’s Priority on childhood obesity be met? Dynamic simulation modelling shows how

27 September 2018

It is theoretically possible to achieve the NSW Premier’s Priority target of a 5% reduction in childhood overweight and obesity in NSW by the end of 2025 – but significant cross‐portfolio policy actions will be required, our modeling has shown.

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PHNs plan to improve prevention in primary care

28 August 2018

Representatives from Australia’s Primary Health Networks (PHNs) have come together in Canberra to discuss their role in the prevention of chronic disease.

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Online tool maps liveability across Australia’s cities

9 August 2018

In an Australian first, a team of researchers at RMIT University has developed a prototype online portal, the Urban Observatory, to provide a tool for policy makers and researchers to measure and compare the liveability of Australian cities.

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