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How four Tasmanian communities are leading the way in anticipatory care

11 December 2019

The Anticipatory Care Projects Tasmania team and partner organisations converged on Launceston in November for its statewide meeting.

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Hate gives license to the ‘worst angels’ of human nature

9 October 2019

Four leading thinkers have called for a more open discussion about hate and recognition of its implications for population health. The Prevention …

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Liveable cities research has real impact on health and equity

8 October 2019

The Prevention Centre’s project which measured the liveability of Australian cities, has achieved a major coup for its impact with two of …

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The obesity paradigm and the role of health services in prevention: a systems overview

3 October 2019

Are our health services failing clients in the treatment of overweight and obesity? New research mapping available services found that health practitioners …

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Systems in communities and child obesity: two new PhD projects

5 August 2019

The Prevention Centre has offered scholarships to two new PhD candidates. One will study the use of systems in communities, and the …

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Remote Aboriginal communities improve their food security and diet

30 July 2019

A research project conducted with remote Aboriginal communities in South Australia has resulted in an increase in the proportion and amount of healthy foods and drinks sold – the first such improvement in over 40 years.

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Beyond mapping: how these models are bringing systems to life

28 June 2019

An article published today in PLOS One describes the value of a quantified participatory process in developing a dynamic simulation model of diabetes in pregnancy.

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Prevention leaders welcome long-awaited National Preventive Health Strategy

13 June 2019

The development of a new National Preventive Health Strategy should provide a framework for targeted investment in prevention interventions that work, Prevention …

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