Media coverage

The Prevention Centre wants to engage with the broader community about the prevention of lifestyle-related chronic disease. This section includes media coverage of our work and events.


Fair Go For The West:Type 2 diabetes hot spots

12 March 2015: You are what you eat, and you are where you live, too. And for the people of Western Sydney that is becoming a ­serious problem.

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How you get to work, your health and are liveable cities really liveable?

15 December 2014: A Prevention Centre project is devising liveable indicators for cities that take health into account.

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What makes a city liveable?

1 December 2014: A Prevention Centre research project is developing Australia’s first set of national health liveability indicators.

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Big Food, public health and sharing a table

17 November 2014: Just how much should public health engage with Big Food to tackle obesity?

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Diabetes a “major challenge”

10 November 2014: Despite initial global apathy towards diabetes and related non-communicable diseases, international action on diabetes is now gaining momentum, say Australian experts.

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Experts weigh in on Canberra’s obesity epidemic

22 August 2014: Prevention Centre experts assess the ACT’s Healthy Weight Initiative.

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