The role of civil society in food system governance: Comparing Canada, the United States, and Australia

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  • Ottawa, Canada: Thursday 2 June, 7-9pm (EDT)
  • Baltimore, United States: Thursday 2 June, 7-9pm (EDT)
  • Melbourne/Sydney, Australia: Friday 3 June, 9-11am (AEST)

Civil society organisations are integral to food system governance. Food systems governance is not limited to laws and regulations developed by government. It also includes practices, actions, and advocacy by a wide range of actors to create policies and change decision making structures.

The webinar will include a dialogue between civil society representatives and researchers from Canada, the US and Australia, exploring the role of civil society organizations in food system governance. We will unpack the motivations, opportunities, challenges, and lessons learnt from collaborative forms of food system governance. We will also reflect on lessons learnt from the various models of collaborative food system governance, such as food policy councils and networks, across the three countries.

This event is hosted by Sydney Health Law at The University of Sydney Law School.