Supporting families to make healthy supermarket choices: the Danish experience

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The Centre of Research Excellence in Food Retail Environments for Health (RE-FRESH) and the Nourish Network will showcase the work and experience of Katrine Duus – a PhD student at the National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark.

She will present on the evaluation of the development and implementation of a supermarket intervention in Denmark aimed at families with young children, drawing upon work within the field of health-promoting interventions in supermarkets over the past few years.

The presentation will address:

  • the potential and pitfalls that characterise the partnership between supermarket owners and public health advocates as a platform for developing and implementing health-promoting initiatives in supermarkets
  • the structures, agendas, and/or actors which affect retailers’ ability to implement health-promoting initiatives in supermarkets aimed at families
  • the factors that affect parents’/families’ food purchasing behaviour in supermarkets.

This will be followed by reflections on the comparative Australian experience from world-leading Australian healthy food retail researchers Associate Professor Julie Brimblecombe and Dr Megan Ferguson.