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The theme for World Obesity Day this year is Changing Perspectives: Let’s talk about obesity. With obesity being a hot topic in the media, a relatively new National Obesity Strategy and new clinical guidelines in development, now is a particularly important time for action and raising awareness of the science and reality of obesity.

Misconceptions about obesity lead to harmful shame and blame and minimise efforts to address obesity as a complex systems issue that needs coordinated action across all levels of society. This World Obesity Day’s theme challenges us to change the narrative around obesity by addressing these misconceptions.

The virtual Rapid Talks event runs for 90 minutes with a range of expert speakers from across Australia. Each talk runs for 4 to 5 minutes, providing a diversity of viewpoints. The series is open to all interested members of the public. It is an opportunity to highlight research, community leadership, opportunities for action and lived experience, and to understand and address the many facets of obesity and overweight.