Applying citizen science approaches in prevention

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Time to AEST

Event Series Research Seminar

Location In-person

This workshop is ideal for those working in health and wellbeing-related roles in policy and practice settings (for example, council staff, health promotion officers and program managers). Upon completion, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe key features of citizen science approaches and how these have been applied in preventive health.
  • Assess the types of research questions and projects that would benefit from the use of a citizen science approach.
  • Appraise the benefits and challenges of using a citizen science approach.
  • Design a citizen science project, including developing clear objectives.
  • Apply a citizen science approach within their own work.
  • Evaluate the impacts of citizen science approaches.

This event is hosted by the Citizen Science in Prevention project team, based at the University of Sydney, supported by the Prevention Centre.