Director’s update

At the Prevention Centre, we aspire in our work towards co-production with our partners – co-production meaning being equal partners and co-creators in shared work.

In its fullest form, it involves co-design of interventions and their implementation and evaluation, co-decision making in the allocation of resources, and co-evaluation of the service, perhaps most fully realised in action-learning.

But reality doesn’t always allow the full expression of that aspiration. There aren’t always the organisational or governance arrangements that allow for co-production, sometimes partners don’t have the time or capacity to fully participate in full co-production, and sometimes we have different although overlapping desired outcomes.

So the Prevention Centre has examples of collaboration that run from traditional consultative approaches through to full co-production – and it is fascinating to see how and when the different approaches are being used and their strengths and limitations.

We see this as being as much part of the research agenda for the Prevention Centre as the specific projects we undertake and are documenting this as part of our broader contribution. So you may be approached by our researchers asking about your involvement in projects as part of this documentation and the evaluation of the Centre, and we welcome your full and honest views.