Director’s update

The allocation to The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre of $10 million from the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) in the Commonwealth 2017-18 budget is a fantastic endorsement of our work as an organisation.

It is also significant to recognise that this was more than 15% of the total MRFF funds awarded, the second largest single allocation. Never before has prevention received such a high proportion of any research funding pool.

Some commented on what they saw as a generally low level of investment in prevention in the budget, but this needs to be seen from the perspective of zero or negative growth in the two previous budgets.

With the current Prime Minister and Health Minister both fronting for prevention initiatives, I see a renewed interest in prevention generally.

And there is other light for prevention: both the ACT and Queensland governments have announced new investment and new plans. There is promising new interest in Tasmania and Victoria.

Of course, there is a need for a higher investment and we will continue our work to demonstrate the return on investment.

We are still finalising plans for the MRFF funds with the Commonwealth, which come with some expectations about how the funds will be used. I will keep you informed about this as we move forward.