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Pandemic spotlight on legislative approaches to public health

Professor Katina D'Onise | Pandemic spotlight on legislative approaches to public health
14 October 2021

The community has never been more aware of how legislative changes impact their lives, such as public health orders implemented to respond to COVID-19. Outside a pandemic, legislation and policy change moves at a much slower and more complicated pace,

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Language matters: pregnancy and overweight or obesity

Professor Helen Skouteris, Dr Claire Pearce, Dr Briony Hill |
16 August 2021

Weight stigma from health professionals against pregnant women is pervasive. But rather than place the responsibility on the individual, it would be more worthwhile and meaningful for health care professionals to acknowledge the role played by the system and to find effective suggestions for supporting lifestyle health through pregnancy.

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The surprising co-benefits of increasing physical activity in schools

Dr Nicole Nathan, Adjunct Professor Bill Bellew, Matthew ‘Tepi’ Mclaughlin |
11 August 2021

Physical activity initiatives in schools have benefits that go far beyond health.

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How multinationals are using the law to damage our health

Dr Janani Shanthosh, Professor Coral Gartner and Dr Ashley Schram |
21 June 2021

Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions that may be included in the UK-Australia free trade agreement could lead to UK corporate legal action against public health policy.

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The UK is banning online junk food marketing: what’s stopping Australia?

Professor Anna Peeters, Associate Professor Kathryn Backholer, and Dr Vicki Brown |
08 June 2021

Australia has not yet acted on regulating junk food promotion to children. Our research offers a way forward.

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10 lessons the prevention community can take from Australia’s COVID-19 response

Professor Andrew Wilson | Co-Director
29 March 2021

I have been closely involved in Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and think there are 10 important lessons for those of us researching the prevention of chronic disease.

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Prescribe a run in the park for better health

Dr Anne Grunseit | Senior Research Fellow
22 February 2021

My research shows that parkrun, one of the world’s largest and most successful physical activity interventions, has physical, mental and social co-benefits.

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From the Co-Directors

Professor Lucie Rychetnik | Co-Director

Since our inception in 2013, the Centre’s research-policy-practice partnerships, collaborations and networks have developed and grown with more than 70 prevention research projects on a diverse range of topics conducted by Australia’s leading prevention researchers and policy partners.

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Time to tackle obesity, another threat to global health and wellbeing

Authors: Louise Baur, Timothy Gill, Anna Peeters, Divya Ramachandran, Lucie Rychetnik, Helen Skouteris, Helena Teede |
21 January 2021

Almost 70% of Australians are living with overweight or obesity, say experts who are calling for greater action on this looming public health crisis.

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Looking towards 2021 with excitement and hope after a hugely challenging year

Professor Lucie Rychetnik | Co-Director
04 December 2020

The events of this year have put a spotlight on the importance and value of strong public health systems; including research-policy partnerships that support evidence-based decisions and professional, coordinated and scaled-up responses.

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