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Our public health workforce in times of pandemic

Professor Andrew Wilson | Our public health workforce in times of pandemic
10 July 2020

The Prevention Centre's Co-Director, Professor Andrew Wilson, salutes our public health workforce during the COVID-19 and talks of the 'quieter' epidemic of NCDs.

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Sticking points and systems thinking

Dr Michelle Irving |
05 July 2020

The Prevention Centre’s Knowledge Mobilisation Lead, Dr Michelle Irving, explores systems thinking and its benefits for prevention research.

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From the Co-Directors

Professor Lucie Rychetnik and Professor Andrew Wilson | Co-Directors
06 May 2020

Our community during the Coronaviruis pandemic

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Connection and science communication

Ainsley Burgess | Communications Manager

Learning to listen to communicate the science, relate and connect to our audience are powerful tools, for us as individuals, and for public health more generally.

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From the Director

Professor Andrew Wilson | Director
13 February 2020

Professor Wilson reflects on Australia's summer of bushfires, heat and drought, and the importance of a shared sense of community.

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Blurred lines: Food marketing and digital content

Dr Yandisa Ngqangashe | Blurred lines: Food marketing and digital content
12 February 2020

When does digital content become an advertisement for food? With media undergoing significant transformation, policymakers are facing a new challenge in fighting childhood obesity.

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From the director

Professor Andrew Wilson | Director
11 December 2019

Professor Wilson was attending the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) symposium in Paris, when he noticed a worrying trend amongst France’s youth.

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Reflections on returning to the Prevention Centre: 2013–2019

Professor Lucie Rychetnik | Deputy Director

A reflection on the work of the Prevention Centre since its inception in 2013 examining its development from Lucie's fresh perspective of having returned in 2019 after spending three years in Geneva.

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The path of systems realisation for public health

Dr Melanie Pescud | Senior Research Fellow

An exploration of the use and impact of systems thinking and approaches to addressing chronic disease prevention.

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Director’s update

Professor Andrew Wilson | Director
09 October 2019

If we are to look upstream to social determinants in preventing chronic disease, we will increasingly need to look outside our conventional parameters.

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